January 7, 2010

Forest Operator of the Year

‘Ax Men’ logger Mark Gustafson named Northwest Oregon Forest Operator of the Year

By DeAnn Welker, The Oregonian
January 07, 2010

Oregon “Ax Men” loggers have had their share of bad press in the past year (examples here and here), but Oregon Department of Forestry offers up some good.

A former “Ax Men” logger, Mark Gustafson—whose company was on the first two series of the acclaimed series—received a statewide honor as Forest Operator of the Year, disproving naysayers who think the crews on the show are somehow separate from the state’s timber industry.

Watch first-season video of Mark Gustafson or read more about his crew on the History Web site. And listen to an audio clip of Gustafson from the Department of Forestry.

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