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571. On Feb 23, 8:17 AM, Diana Coryell & Debra Torres(DeMander) wrote:

A friend sent us a link to the Ax Men show and that led us to your website. Your wesite is great and we are excited for your continued success.

All the best,

Diana and Debra

572. On Feb 22, 2:49 PM, jeremy Finn wrote:

The site looks wonderful. Miss everyone hope all is well. Can’t wait for a chance to do a second season.

Take Care,


573. On Feb 22, 9:42 AM, Edward Sessions III wrote:

What can I say! What a wonderful family,and a wonderful company! I would work for your family in a heart beat!! Ive always heard of you for a number of years now. I will be living back in Newberg with my wife,hopefully by the end of this year! You can reach us at (email hidden by webmaster for privacy). I wanted to buy some of your hats but it looks like the site is still under construction. If you would,please email me a pic of the hats and what other things your selling!! God bless you and your entire family and company employees!!

Sincerely Ed and Rhonda Sessions III

574. On Feb 21, 5:35 PM, Adam and Melissa Svensen wrote:

The new web site looks great, looking forward to the show.

Melissa and Adam

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