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21. On Jan 5, 6:53 AM, P van Wijk wrote:


Doesn't work Darrell Holthusen anymore by Gustafon?

Greetings from Holland (Europe)

22. On Dec 26, 9:11 PM, Sniffer logging wrote:


23. On Dec 5, 7:33 PM, Robert Watt wrote:

Show'm how it is done... Keep on logging, we need you out there.

Robert & Bonnie Watt
JD Rents & Power Equipment, Inc.
STIHL, Husqvarna Dealers
John Day, OR

24. On Nov 25, 5:30 PM, gina gustafson wrote:

Rumor has it I'm related to you guys. I didn't believe it at first but it was confirmed when I found we have the same nose. I'm definitely ordering one of those sweatshirts to represent you guys. My dad is Fritz Gustafson and my grandpa is Fred Gustafson. Hopefully you know who those guys are, or else they're lying to me. Keep logging because you rock at it

25. On Nov 13, 12:04 PM, Todd Millsap wrote:

Keep on logging boys! Ray Timber Harvesting... Orofino,Id

26. On Nov 3, 5:27 PM, Bethany Sarff wrote:

Yay! We know you guys! It is so great to see everyone. Blessings to you all. Love always!

27. On Oct 25, 9:55 PM, Ants wrote:

Take mi meg down y dont ya 0wel we al laugh at u stil .have u eva fort ov uping ur safty . O yea i no brian tuota 2 he trand me on hauling

28. On Oct 21, 5:01 PM, Antz wrote:


29. On Oct 10, 9:33 AM, david stan wrote:

I run my logging business from 2007 in United Kingdom, I LOVE this job. Happy to fly to you and work for free just for the week. I saw your company in AxeMen, Great Company
Kind Regards
david stan

30. On Oct 6, 1:35 PM, Milan wrote:

i have done some logging my self i really like the type of work i have been logging since i was 13 years old it is ahh good work out

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