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11. On May 9, 10:53 PM, Wade Campbell wrote:

Greetings from Montana. 4th generation, busted up old logger just saying hey. Avoided watchin the shows out of fear of injustice to our industry. Thankful to say, they didnt portray us as evil-doers too bad. good luck, and be safe.

12. On May 9, 6:53 PM, Jason wrote:

In the sawmill business and love to watch you guys log.

13. On May 8, 7:42 AM, hunky walker wrote:

i been cuting wood for a long time the equiment must be grease every day when uses hard have to be safe and work to i use a chainsawhave to keep it up to date also hope to hear from u

14. On Apr 23, 7:10 AM, ronan duignan wrote:

hi guys logger here in ireland any work for my timber processor over there !!!! keep on loggin

15. On Apr 17, 8:48 AM, karl forbes( united kindom) wrote:

hi gustafson crew
keep on logging Ur doing an amazing job keep that timber rolling!!

16. On Mar 8, 12:15 PM, David O'Brien wrote:

Hi Guys,

Greetings from Ireland!!!Love the show, Keep on logging!!

17. On Jan 31, 6:32 PM, kirk gallup wrote:

hi guys.watching a video with you on it..i am actually kirks wife..he is the owner of oregon california loggers and construction..keep us in mind..he delivers to yarders...and does chodkers and probably already know that..just loved your video..thanks kerri

18. On Jan 29, 2:40 PM, Nick wrote:

You guys are amazing i've seen you in action watching Axmen many times!
Greetings from Connecticut from Dave and Nick at Mount Carmel Tree Service in Hamden!

19. On Jan 19, 11:12 AM, ricketts wrote:

does Darrell Holthusen not work for you guys anymore? why arent you guys on ax men anymore?

20. On Jan 7, 5:42 AM, rick swinson wrote:

I have been in the tree business all my life here in florida.But i must confess,the type of tree work you guys do is very impressive.keep up the awsome job!

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