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1. On Jan 25, 10:01 PM, mike westhoff wrote:

Great Web site, keep on logging, be safe, Never Give A Inch.

2. On Oct 8, 9:05 AM, Tracy Hanson Arness wrote:

Great website! I grew up down the road from Clay and Wade, so glad the company has done well for them!! I live in Washington now and my husband works for Debriae Log, has for 31 years, so have always and WILL always, support the logging industry!!

3. On Oct 1, 1:16 PM, Christer wrote:

The best logging at ever

4. On Sep 25, 5:20 PM, Allan Clark wrote:

hi howz thing going over your way. im from the big land of new zealand. if you are keen im keen as to come work for you for a year to see how you guys log. ive been logging for bout ten years. ive done four years with a hauler tmy 70 an one year with a tmy 45. now im in a ground base crew.
from allan clark.

as us kiwi loggers say, go hard or go home.

5. On Sep 9, 4:23 AM, Alex wrote:

Have nice day! You have a very informative site!

6. On Jun 1, 12:19 PM, D-WooD wrote:

i`ve always wanted to be a logger and seeing you guys work is making my goal come true i am going to start my first job in 2 weeks settin chokers!!!!!!!!

7. On Jun 1, 11:22 AM, Mike Wright wrote:

Great website looking at those pics. brings back some good memories. I worked in the woods for twenty three years from Hoonah Alaska down to lake Tahoe Nevada.
Well keep her spoolin'and watch out for old Molly Hogan.

8. On May 24, 1:18 AM, max wrote:

i am 13 and love the show.what equipment do you guys use and what happend to darrel holtuson.keep on logging:)

9. On May 18, 8:55 PM, Rob Miller wrote:

Cool site

10. On May 12, 5:26 AM, Martin wrote:

Just watched Axe Men on DVD and utmost respect to you lads,thats got to be one of the hardest jobs in the world.
Whats happend to Darrell Holtuson as he moved on.

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