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561. On Mar 1, 3:50 PM, Kate Adolphson wrote:

Great site! I am using your business as a topic in my Geo final paper due here at OSU. Looking forward to the show smile

PS. Mark I made up a fake interview between us.

562. On Feb 27, 9:29 PM, Lindsay & Kyle wrote:

We love the site and can't wait for the show! We have added it to the Tivo list already grin We hope to see you soon, we miss you all (especially the kids!)

563. On Feb 25, 8:37 PM, Mike & Erica Keyser wrote:

Big D would be proud to leave the awesome legacy that is Gustafson Logging Co. I am excited for the education of the public what logging has been and is in the Great North West. Great job to the employees for their hard work and dedication! You are making history!! We love you Papa Clay! Mike, Erica, Clay & Carly.

564. On Feb 25, 10:58 AM, CGus wrote:

Big "HI" to all our support out there! I'm one of the kids of Gustafson Logging and I'm thrilled to have our family represent an important part of our heritage! I've got a feeling that the up-coming show will be a huge success and I can't wait to help out where ever possible. I know Big D would be proud.
Love you all,

565. On Feb 25, 8:04 AM, Loren Phelan wrote:

I recieved the link to your website and it is really great to get to see some pics from back home. It looks like Jay needs to get out of his machine a little more often though. I think he is the cleanest on the site. I look forward to watching the show from Iraq (hopefully). If not I will have it on DVD.

Loren Phelan

566. On Feb 24, 11:01 PM, Mike B wrote:

Put me on the list for a couple hats before the price goes thru the roof.
Great website, really enjoyed the photos, kudos to whoever did all the work.
Sunday nights at ten we'll be glued to the screen, probably have to but a new TV for the best picture possible.
Don't let the boys start signing girls underware, that's just not loggerlike, leave that for the deadlist catch guys.

567. On Feb 23, 10:14 PM, Jacquetta & Travis wrote:

Hi Clay - great web site - we are looking forward to the History channel program. Nice to know someone famous!
Jacquetta & Travis

568. On Feb 23, 8:45 PM, Walt Tucker wrote:

Great looking web site, guys. I am impressed. I'd love to tune into the show, but I don't get the History channel on our cable subscription. I guess the DVD set is going on my Christmas list next year. wink

569. On Feb 23, 4:59 PM, jacque johansen simmons wrote:

Good Luck to all of you---How exciting----my father Haakon Johansen and two of his brothers Art and Knute-logged for years with Howard Johnson's logging company out of Astoria---my father was a choke setter back in the very late 40's through 1960 went he passed away at a young age---my mother took my sisters and myself to SAFE logging sites fom time to time to picnic with our dad-----very fond memories-----I wish you all the best. If you remember the Johansen brothers or Howards company I would appreciate knowing that----Sincerely, Jacque

570. On Feb 23, 9:52 AM, Craig Ness wrote:

Hi Mark:
Good looking website. Look forward to seeing you on the tube.

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