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551. On Mar 11, 8:08 AM, Mike wrote:

I grew up in a logging/woodworking family; grandfathers, uncles and Dad (retired from Willamette Industries – Dallas) all spent many years working the woods in the Valsetz/Bald Mountain area.
I live on the east coast now and my “beltway” wife was mesmerized by the show and wondered how many of the “Axmen” I knew!
Looking at the pictures bring back really good memories, I miss the smell of fresh cut Doug fir, chainsaw gas and the machines. I told my brother it reminds me of simpler better times and honest hard working people!
Thanks for the trip down memory lane! I will be ordering a cap soon.

552. On Mar 10, 6:30 PM, John & Sue Wall wrote:

We're very impressed with your site! Kudos & congratulations to all of you!! & I know Duane would be very excited (in his own funny way!) Nice blogs too! Happy to watch you all as part of this local happening! See ya. John & Sue

553. On Mar 10, 10:20 AM, Denise La Barre-Steele wrote:

What can I say different that the others before me have already stated, but dido. You are all awesome. One classy and good looking group of guys. Stay safe. One very proud sister-in-law up here in Seattle. Love, Denise smile

554. On Mar 9, 8:53 PM, Sandy Haroldson wrote:

Jennifer (Wrye) has been hyping this for months at work in Puyallup! ( Good Samaritan)-- can't wait to watch it tonight and all the episodes! Didn't think I'd ever be this close to knowing real STARS--!!!
The previews are so amazing-- can't imagine what the actual episodes will be like. Even your web site here is world class!

Boy Jonah is going to have a great time watching this and squealing with delight when he sees his Grandpa and uncles and ?? other relatives?

Jen, did you get to go to the "premier" last night in Astoria? I guess I'll get the inside scoop on Tuesday when I see you at the nursing home.

Congratulations to all of you and enjoy every minute---you deserve it! Stay safe!

Sandy and Jennifer's co-workers at Older Adult Services

555. On Mar 9, 7:48 PM, Kenneth Gordon Gustafson wrote:

A very nice presentation of your company and the work process.
I have produced several thousand cords of firewood in the last 23 years and could just relate to much of what was shown on the show. I am trying to get involved in a different line of work....designing..receiving U.S. Patents...building and selling locks for trailers of all types. I still do firewood until sales of locks for trailers takes over. My website is . Just wanted to let you know the show was GREAT. Ken

556. On Mar 8, 6:32 PM, Tim Tolan wrote:

Enjoyed the ride to Portland with you guys (Clay and Mark). Your SAE brothers really appreciated your presentation and I know you'll have the majority of them watching you on Sunday night. The few that won't have a good excuse, they'll will be asleep. Phi Alpha. Tim

557. On Mar 6, 9:59 PM, Kelly Pace wrote:

I am so happy for the whole gang, they couldn't have picked a better group of guys to catch in all the action! Cant wait to see the turn out. The website is absolutely great, good job guys!

558. On Mar 3, 6:32 PM, Tim Killion wrote:

I just hope you don't forget the small people who made you go. Where would you be if the gas man wasn't there for you? What a honer for a great family and business. Looking forward to the show. Tim killion

559. On Mar 3, 8:18 AM, Linda Josephson wrote:

Gustafson cousins, I am so proud that now the rest of the country will know about our hardworking logging hero relatives. You did an amazing job of making the TV people’s job easy. Greg, the design of the website is strong and the functionality is refreshing. Polk Riley Printing, your logo images are always precise and perfect. Congratulations to everyone including the wives and daughters behind the scenes. Good luck with the store sales. Waiting with much anticipation, Linda

560. On Mar 2, 7:27 PM, Mike&Marian; wrote:

We are happy to be related to such handsome and famous people!! When do we get to buy shirts?

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