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31. On Oct 1, 4:05 AM, Jacob Gustafson wrote:

Hello i just wondered if Gustafson Logging is still shown on tv? I love the show ...thanks

32. On Sep 13, 7:12 AM, eubie wrote:

ciao from Italia! we watch now in Italia the first season of Ax men and Gustafson Logging is definetely my favourite of all! Bravi!

33. On Sep 9, 8:30 AM, napalm wrote:

GoGoGo Ax Men!
I love seeing you with your big machines and chainsaws... they are stihl, aren't they?
Go on working because Browning logging is very competitive,
my uncle has a logging company too, but not that big :D.
I'll order a hat :DD
P.S. : Nice website!

34. On Sep 5, 11:28 PM, Brent Reid wrote:

Hi there guys,just a hello from New Zealand,loved first season of ax men shame you guys havent been on the other years.I run a yarder over here madill 123 so i know how tough the job is,congrats on the award for stream work.keep up the good work guys

35. On Aug 28, 9:15 AM, Terry wrote:

Hello to all of you hard working guys,thatput your guys
lifes on the line 5 days a week for the rest of us to havr a goods that are made from wood,Thank You.Ive been watching th Axmen show sence it came out.and I build modle trucks as a hobby and Im going to scratch build a yarder,a loader and then set it up in a diearamia in a winter setting.

36. On Aug 13, 12:35 PM, jon roberson wrote:

Hello my name is jon roberson. I'm a fan of axemen. I watch it all the time I recently got. A job offer for a local logging job as a landing man unhokking chokers and running a chainsaw

37. On Aug 12, 1:39 PM, Ken Shepherd wrote:

Greetings from Collinsvale in the mountains and forests of Southern Tasmania (Australia)!

I loved the TV show and Gustafson Logging were my favourite team from the show. Great website by the way.

I really respect what you guys do. Best wishes for the future and take care.

PS: I ordered a signed hat (love it) and got it in only a few days. Great service.

38. On Aug 5, 9:44 AM, Joe Gustafson wrote:

was wondering if i could get a hat with my last name on it

39. On Jul 30, 3:12 PM, Fred Baker wrote:

In the past i have done a little logging myself. i enjoyed your site.its good to see that the economy its killing all the loggers out there. good job guys and be safe and may the lord keep watching over!!!

40. On Jun 9, 1:54 PM, josh wrote:

im a logger myself ive been logging with my dad since ive been 9 years old and im 19 now i love the show wish you all would come back on the show

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